Smart homes made easy

Luxin makes smart homes more accessible. it’s cheaper, it’s smaller, it’s smarter, and it’s easier to use. You no longer have to live in mansions to be connected to your home. For years people have waited for smart homes to become mainstream, but their price, complicated planning and destructive commissioning prevents the leap. We’ve overcome all these hurdles to realize the dreams of multitudes who want it, but can’t afford it. Well, now they can.

Luxin opens up a world of possibilities to you

Luxin app, Android and iOS

The Luxin app with its user friendly interface helps you control all your lights and connected devices from your mobile phone, from anywhere around the world.

Luxin remote controller

You can easily control all your connected devices with a push of a button on you remote controller.

Luxin Telegram bot

With Luxin Telegram bot you don’t need to even open the app. You have access to most of your Luxin functionalities from the instant messaging apps interface.

Luxin web application

With Luxin web application you can control your home from any device with a browser, including your smart TV.

Connect to your home

your home interacts with you, learns your behaviors, and helps you save energy

Your life with Luxin

It learns from you

Luxin’s learning algorithm automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. Just use it for a while and it programs itself.

In Luxin Tech we believe that smart homes aren’t smart as long as they don’t learn from you.

YOUR SMART HOME should know about you in order to add to your comfort and help you save energy.

Meet the Hub

The Hub is your central intelligence unit. All the local processing is done inside this little beauty. It’s your gateway to a global access to you home.

Luxin Node

The Luxin Node is a tiny switching actuator. Each Node can switch two power lines, be it the lights in your room, or appliances in your kitchen.

Luxin App

Our mobile app is your main tool of configuring and accessing your Luxin installation. Connecting and controlling devices, defining groups and scenarios, setting timers and all the other options are available within its user friendly interface.

Available for Android
Available at App Store

Connecting to future …

Smart homes have come a long way, but there’s a long road ahead to realize the vision we all dream of. Long distances are covered step by step, and we need your support to take our first steps.

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